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XR Extended Range 45m

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XR Extended Range 45m (Formally Deco Procedures)


XR Extended Range 45m (Formally Deco Procedures)

Our SSI XR Extended Range program introduces you to the relm of decompression while adding an extra 5m of depth. During the program we look at and discuss the benefits of a technical diving system, and run through a gear confirguration session. With the Open Water Dives, we slowly progress from 20m and 30m dives through to the final dives at 45m. Some of the skills include stage tank management, gas sharing and problem solving. There is a large emphasis on team work and situational awareness.

Upon completion of this program you will be qualified to dive to 45 meters using nitrox and up to 20 minutes of accelerated decompression. You will also be using a one stage decompression gas (richer nitrox or oxygen). The program can only be completed wearing a technical total diving system.

The prerequisites for this course are:

  • Deep and Nitrox Specialty Certifications
  • Minimum 50 logged dives
  • Extended Range watermanship evaluation

This program includes the XR Nitrox Program, so you dont have to do both courses.

This course is run over 1 night and 4 days. Typical course format is Friday night theory, Saturday pool and theory, Sunday 2x boat dives max 30m. Then a following weekend with 2 boat dives to 40m, and then 2 boat dives to 45m.


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