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TXR Normoxic Trimix (60m)

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TXR Normoxic Trimix (60m)


TXR Normoxic Trimix (60m)

As with Advanced Decompression Procedures (ADP) you will need a full technical total diving system and two stages. This program will qualify you to dive to 60 meters, and in addition to the gas utilized in ADP, you will now use trimix with a minimum content of 18%. Normoxic can be completed in addition to or as an alternative to the advanced decompression Procedures program.

The prerequisites for this course are:

  • Specialty Certification in the following - Science of Diving, Deep, Nitrox, Stress and Rescue or equivalent.
  • SSI Extended Range or TXR Cave Diving or TXR Technical Wreck Diving
  • Minimum of 75 logged dives including at least 20 dives deeper than 30m and at least 10 dives requiring staged decompression stops with at least 1 gas switch.
  • XR Watermanship Evaluation

This course includes theory, confined water training and 6 boat dives.

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