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Summer Dive Master Program

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Summer Dive Master Program

Welcome to the exciting world of diving and a skill set that will allow you to travel the world. Whether you are new to diving or already have some experience, this course will help you become one of the most employable Dive Professionals where ever your travels may take you.

Our live-in program takes you on a journey from a recreational diver through to a highly trained professional. With hands on experience and the opportunity to work side by side with real Dive Masters and Instructors, this relationship will help you to become a successful Dive Master,  something that can only be achieved through an SSI Diamond Training Centre.

Course Information

Intake - December 2015146282- MG 0443
Program – Live-in
Duration - 48 days
Date - 10th December – 15th February
Location – Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia
Certification – Dive Master
Employment Opportunities – Worldwide

Contact Name – Jason Salter
Contact Email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact Number - 03 5984 3155

This course is for everyone wanting to become a professional in the Dive Industry. Whether you are new to diving or have experience with several courses under your belt, this internship will ensure you develop the right skills to make you an employable Dive Professional

Course Outline

This provide an indicative schedule of course components and when they will be completed. The 3 parts are designed to give you time off over the Christmas, New Years holidays and there are also some days off inbetween each part of the course.

Part one 10th December – 20th December103119--8995 1024x680
Comprehensive Open Water Course
Open Water Certification
Perfect Buoyancy Specialty Course
Boat Diving Specialty Course
Diving days to build experience
First Aid course and Oxygen Provider course

Part two 4th January – 21st January
Advanced Open Water Course
Night Diving Specialty
Nitrox Specialty
Wreck Diving Specialty
Deep Diving Specialty
Retail/store Experience
XR Gas Blending program
Customer service
Booking dives and courses
Vessel Crew training Level 1146052-roathan balbi-6471
Emergency Drills
Master Diver certification
Stress and Rescue Specialty Course
Diving days for fun and to build experience

Part three January 27th – February 15th
Science of Diving
Dive Guide Course
Dive Guide Experience
Certified as Dive Master
Industry Experience
Employment Pathway



  • Must be 18yo by the completion of the course.
  • Diving Medical by a licensed medical practitioner in accordance with AS 4005.1 within the past 12 months.
  • Total Diving System
  • Part of becoming a Dive Professional includes equipment workshops. These will help develop your skills as a Dive Master and highlight the need for purchasing the right equipment. We have a professional equipment package which we recommend for Dive Professionals at a discounted price.
  • Alternatively Hire equipment is available to rent for the duration of the course.
  • Have completed a total of 50 dives totalling 35 hours by the end of the course.
  • Complete all training provided in the Summer Dive Master Program

Course Cost:

Summer Dive Master package cost is $5,500pp and includes:

  • Certification and all components for the outlined courses above, including air fills and boat dives.
  • Access to additional boat and shore dives to build experience necessary to develop as a Dive Master.
  • Accommodation with Dive Victoria and its affiliates during course dates
  • SSI Registration for 2016

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FAQ’s103183--8495 1024x680

Is it cold diving in Melbourne?
The water temperature is about 20°c in summer, and we usually use a 5mm or 7mm wetsuit, so it’s quite nice in the water.

I’ve never dived before, how do I know I will enjoy or be good at diving?
We believe that you will love diving as much as we do at Dive Victoria. In fact, we guarantee that if after your initial Open Water Course you don’t love it, you can stop and receive a full course refund, less the cost of the Open Water Course valued at $599.

What can I do as a Dive Master?
With the Dive Master certification you can travel the world, orientate people to local diving environments, assisting Instructors and take certified divers on guided dives. You could also work as a Dive Supervisor on board a charter or live aboard dive boat, fit and sell dive equipment, and almost anything else dive related.

How can I travel the world as a Dive Master?142797-DSC 4110 1024x680
There is diving in most countries around the world and they are always looking for well-trained Dive Professionals. Our Dive Masters are highly sort after, as Victoria is one of the best training environments in the world. Our variety of diving conditions prepares you for wherever you want to go. We also have international contacts that are looking for staff to join their team.

Is there anything to see diving in Port Phillip Bay?
Despite what you may think, Victoria is as rich in marine life as the Great Barrier Reef, with 90% of our marine life found nowhere else in the world. With over 100 different dive sites, our world-class reefs, wrecks, Marine Parks and undersea walls are teeming with marine life and vibrant in colour.

What is a live-in program?
We have one of Australia’s largest Dive Training Centres; with our own accommodation where everything is centrally located. You will stay in Queenscliff with the other Dive Master candidates and enjoy the freedom of living near the beach over summer and socialising while completing the program.

Can I become a summer Dive Master and complete University?146029-roathan balbi-5847
Yes, our course dates line up with most university calendars so you can build your Dive Master career over the summer break, and be finished in time to start the first semester. Many of our students undertake the Dive Master program during summer and continue diving and working throughout the uni semester, giving them a good work/life balance.

Are there local employment opportunities as well?
Yes, we prefer to employ our own Dive Masters as we know they have had the best quality training. Most of our staff became Dive Professionals right here in Melbourne, and continue to work in the industry fulltime and casually.

Are there breaks during the program?
There are several “Days off” during the course program so you can spend the day relaxing at the beach or head back home. There is also 2 weeks off over Christmas and New Year’s, and 5 days off over the Australia Day weekend.

What if I miss or don’t complete parts of the program?20131230 seals blairgowrie 0196 1024x683 2
If you miss parts of the program, there are opportunities to continue the course throughout the year. If you need to redo sections there may be additional fees to become certified as a Dive Professional. Following completion of the Open Water Course, there are no refunds on unused sections of the course.

Finally, how do I sign up?
Contact us on 1300 DIVEVIC (1300 348 3843), visit us at ether the Queenscliff or Portsea office, or fill in the online registration form and you’re ready to go.

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