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Snorkel Industry Professional

Not everyone wants to dive, and there are many great snorkelling locations in Victoria including the famous Popes Eye Marine Park and with the seals at Chinaman’s Hat. At Dive Victoria we also take thousands of people snorkelling each year some of which have never before donned a mask, snorkel and fins.

As a snorkel industry professional with Dive Victoria you will have the opportunity to teach a person a skill for life and see that look of amazement on their face as they take their first breaths with their face in the water. Throughout the year we take individuals, families and school group’s snorkelling at a range of locations including:

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  • Popes Eye Marine Park
  • Seals at Chinaman’s Hat
  • South Channel Fort
  • Portsea Pier
  • Horseshoe Reef
  • Cottage By the Sea
  • Sorrento Back Beach
  • Nepean Bay

While becoming a snorkeling industry professional you will work with our team to develop your skills not just as a snorkel instructor, but also in the retail store by developing product knowledge, assisting with enquiries and selling snorkelling adventures.

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