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Dive Guide to Instructor

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Dive Guide to Instructor

From the time man had the urge to explore the underwater world, the pleasures were denied to the vast majority until scuba equipment was developed in its present form. Now that diving is accessible to anyone, there is a demand for people who have a passion for diving and want to share the experience with others.

The SSI Total Teaching System combined with Dive Victoria’s world class facilities; deliver the most flexible training system on the market. The possibility to adjust the standards to environmental needs allows you to provide real life programs in order to teach safe and responsible divers.

Dive Victoria’s Professional Training Programs will teach you what it takes to work successfully in the Retail and Resort environment, the ins and outs of the diving industry, how to sell training, dive trips and equipment, and what it takes to produce confident, comfortable divers.

Our Dive Professionals possess business knowledge that other candidates don’t. Our expanded course content gives you an edge over “teaching only” programs which make you a much more valuable, well-rounded employee. Equipped with that additional business knowledge you have perfect career chances worldwide in more than 110 countries with more than 2,400 SSI Dive Center and Dive Resort locations.

We also offer more FREE boat dives with our courses than any other company in Australia. This means that you can be sure to gain the best and most varied experience ready to take on the world.

You have the added benefit of teaching through a scuba school run by an SSI Instructor Trainer. As an Instructor, you have permanent access to professional facilities, training equipment, equipment service and repair, organised diving opportunities, quality promotional campaigns, group insurance and complete diver support. This allows you to avoid all the problems that arise for independents and frees you to do what you love: work with students.

Being an SSI Dive Professional means meeting the challenges of today's diving industry with competence and innovation. Go Anywhere. Do Anything. The Opportunities are Unlimited.