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Learn to Scuba Dive

Learn to Scuba Dive

Learn to Scuba Dive

Learn to Scuba Dive


SSI Diamond

Diving is fun, easy and exciting. Discover a new world. Enjoy the freedom of gliding through the blue. Experience new adventures, explore undiscovered worlds and make new friends. Scuba Diving is much easier than you might think. Be ready to enjoy a new challenge and dive into a new world.

Let the team at Dive Victoria take you on a journey of a lifetime as you become an SSI Open Water Diver. Scuba diving is a wonderful sport that offers everything from heart-pumping action to quiet relaxation. Whatever kind of experience you are looking for, a scuba training program with Dive Victoria will best prepare you for a lifetime of adventure.

Your scuba diving experience will come alive with personalised instruction and interactive training scenarios. All scuba dive training is targeted to your needs. Our goal is to make sure you are confident and prepared. Your training will focus on the four critical components of great scuba education; proper knowledge, proper skills, proper equipment and proper experience. We call this the SSI Diver Diamond and it sets the foundation for quality scuba experiences. This type of scuba training ensures that you will retain what you’ve learned.


Why choose Dive Victoria?

Self-Paced Learning

The SSI philosophy is based not on how quickly we can push you through, but making sure everyone has a great time and becomes a safe diver. The required knowledge can be attained in your own time and at your own pace. You can use either or both our Open Water Diver Manual or our on-line eLearning system. Your Instructor will review and enhance the knowledge obtained. Practical training is done in such a way that you only move on from one section to the next when you are ready. Dive Victoria wants you to be completely comfortable as we move through the training to ensure you become a competent diver.

Safety First

Your safety is Dive Victoria’s paramount concern. Our philosophy states that a diver needs four main elements to achieve the highest levels of confidence and safety. These elements are proper knowledge, proper skills, proper equipment and proper experience. Our team of dive professionals are the best in the industry. We regularly work on professional development and safety skills to ensure we are as good as can be.


To provide the highest quality training you need highly trained and motivated instructors. SSI has the most comprehensive and structured career path in the Industry which ensures your SSI Dive professional is highly trained. SSI Dive Professionals are required to conform to our high standards which exceed National and International standards. The Dive Victoria Group raises the standards and quality by exceeding the standard inclusion in training so to ensure what you receive is the best in the world.


The Dive Victoria Group has a world class training complex. We have a custom built aquatic simulator, a newly refurbished learning centre, private and shared accommodation, extensive retail stores and custom dive boats on our door step. Combine that with the most modern equipment, and it makes us the best place to learn and continue your diving at all levels. No other Dive Centre has the facilities we have, making us the preferred choice for students from around the country and internationally to learn diving.

Course Formats

Comprehensive Open Water Course

Open Water Course

The Dive Victoria Comprehensive Open Water Course is Melbourne’s only Learn to Dive course that includes 8 dives, of which 7 are off our boats. This provides you with the highest quality of open water training, maximises your value for money and delivers more than the basic skills to make you a well-rounded and comfortable diver. At the same time it properly introduces you to where the best Victorian diving is.

Open Water Course

This is a 5 day program, typically run over 3 consecutive days Friday, Saturday Sunday, followed by another weekend. It starts with a friendly meet and greet and in-store equipment session so you can look at all the latest gear and feel the equipment you will be using. Following this are interactive classroom discussions, training sessions in our aquatic simulator, one shore dive and three boat dives, reaching a maximum depth of 18 metres.

The following 2 days includes another 4 boat dives, giving you more time in the water with an instructor to help hone your skills. We teach you advanced buoyancy techniques, surface marker deployment, and boat diving procedures, invaluable information for all divers who wish to dive efficiently and safely for years to come.

You also complete your first 2 specialties - Perfect Buoyancy and Boat Diving setting you on your way to becoming a Specialty Diver. This properly starts you on the path to become a truly competent and safe diver.

Courses start from $899

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Standard Open Water Course

Open Water Course

The standard Open Water course is the first part of the Comprehensive Open Water Course, usually run on a Friday, Saturday Sunday. This includes the in-store equipment session, interactive classroom discussions, training sessions in our aquatic simulator, one shore dive and three boat dives, to a maximum depth of 18 meters.

This course is for those that have limited time to complete their training or want to become a qualified diver with the minimum requirements. You still gain the essential skills in Open Water Diving and undertake more boat dives then most Open Water Courses.

Courses start from $599

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Equipment Hire is available for the programs, see below for details 

How do I start?

  1. Visit us in store, click the “Learn to Dive” purchase course link or call us to sign up for Open Water course and receive your training materials starter kit.
  2. Pick a date. Courses are run every weekend and midweek over summer then most weekends all year.
  3. Choose your course format we have a 5 day or a 3 day course option for individuals, groups, or private training.
  4. Attend your program with us at Victoria’s purpose built dive training complex in Queenscliff.
  5. Congratulations! You’re now certified to explore our amazing underwater world

Frequently Asked Questions

Boat Diving is an essential skill when learning to dive. The best diving in Victoria (and most parts of the world) is only accessible by boat, so it’s important you are familiar with the procedures. All of our courses maximise the number of boat dives so that you can received the best training to start your diving adventure. It is also a Victorian standard to complete at least 1 boat dives with your Open Water Training.

We know you have a busy lifestyle and you want to get everything done as quickly as possible. However, becoming an SSI Diver is your chance to escape that busy lifestyle and the last thing you want is to be rushed through your training. Enrol in a quality SSI scuba program with Dive Victoria and discover why diving is truly a life changing experience. Typically it takes 3 days to become a diver, but the SSI program works to your pace. Courses run every weekend over summer and most weekends over winter. We also run courses midweek and you can choose your own dates for any group booking.

Costs will vary depending on what is included. Be wary of “cheap” courses. With proper training, diving is a safe activity but there are risks involved. Don’t shop around for the cheapest, quickest course you can find. Dive Victoria offers quality training with our Basic Open Water courses starting from $599 and includes certification materials and fees, pool sessions, one shore dive, three boat dives (incl. at least one dive to 18m) and all instruction fees. Our courses probably won’t be the cheapest you will find, but we guarantee our courses are the best you will find anywhere.

Dive Victoria can supply all equipment that you will need for the duration of the course for a special package price starting from $100. If you would prefer to own your own gear we can tailor a package to your needs. Our experts are available to discuss your entire equipment needs pre course or during your course. As a student you will be eligible for special prices. Proper equipment is the key to enjoyment of your diving and part of the SSI Diver Diamond training philosophy. Again be very aware that SCUBA diving requires the right gear and the guaranteed way of making sure you get it is by having our experts advise you.

Just about anywhere there is water, great diving is not far away. You will be amazed, from Coral Reefs to Shipwrecks, Sponge Gardens, Whales, Dolphins, Seals and much more. Diving also opens up a whole new array of travel opportunities to see new marine sites and experience other cultures around the world. On your course you will dive at the famous Marine Park Popes Eye, Lonsdale Wall and more.

Diving is a shared activity and you will always see a group of divers discussing the great things they saw after the dive. Dive Victoria will keep your course numbers low so you can get the attention you need while learning. If you prefer to have a private course option we can tailor the program to meet your needs.

You can start diving from 10-12 years of age. It is recommended that children under the age of 15, and essential for children under 12 to learn to dive with a parent or guardian. Parental consent is required for children under 18.

You need to be able to keep yourself afloat and be able to swim a few laps of a swimming pool. Our Instructors can help and include this as a fun exercise during your training. You will also need to fill in a medical history form and you may be required to get medical clearance to dive.

You get your SSI International Open Water Diver Certification. This is your passport to dive anywhere in the world at dive sites suitable for your training and experience. Your card is ready as soon as your training is complete. NO WAITING and it’s yours for life!

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