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XR Nitrox (Formally Advanced Nitrox)


XR Nitrox (Formally Advanced Nitrox)

The SSI Extended Range Nitrox Program bridges the gap between recreational and technical diving. Diving is a technical sport, even from Open Water Level. We are breathing a compressed gas, underwater, using a breathing apparatus, and have to ascend at a certain rate to ensure our safety when reaching the surface. We also stop at 5 meters to off gas. Going past the recreational limit is no different, you are ascending at a certain rate and stopping to off gas. Some courses you can still use your own recreational gear, along with a small stage tank, just like a deep course.

As an XR Nitrox Diver you will be qualified to dive to 40 meters using nitroxwith upto 15 minutes of accelerated decompression. You can also use one stage decompression gas (Richer nitrox or oxygen). The program can be completed wearing a single cylinder system with  a pony bottle or a technical total diving system.

The prerequisites for this course are:

  • Deep and Nitrox specialty certification
  • A minimum of 24 logged dives, including 6 Nitrox and Deep dives

The course is run with one night of theory and 3 days for confined water training and 4 boat dives. You will progress through skills to complete decompression stops, stage tank use and gas planning and management.


Next Courses:

28th - 30th August, 5th September 2015

4th - 6th December, 12th December 2015

8th - 10th January, 16th January 2016

4th - 6th March, 12th March 2016

20th - 22nd May, 28th May 2016




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