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Snorkel with the Seals

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Snorkel with the Seals


Snorkel with the Seals

Everyone has seen seals on television. They're just adorable with their big puppy dog eyes, their cheerful bark and playful antics.

Why not get to know them better by actually swimming with them! For a small fee, you or a loved one could be treated to a boat ride on one of our many purpose built vessels. All gear is included (6mm Wetsuit and hood, Mask and snorkel and fins. weight belts are optional).

We know you will love it, we do!!

Snorkelling Hire Equipment

We will begin your snorkelling adventure by fitting you with our custom made hire gear making sure everything is the correct fit and comfortable to wear.

This includes:

  • 5mm wetsuit & hood
  • Mask & snorkel
  • Fins
  • Weight belt (optional)

Just starting snorkelling or done it all before?

We cater for beginners through to the experienced snorkellers. If you are new to snorkelling then with our professional team of dive leaders we can teach you some snorkelling skills and basic training in our purpose built training pool before moving on in our snorkelling adventure.

And then the fun begins......

Once refreshed with some snorkelling skills and all decked out in snorkelling attire then the real fun begins, Off to Pope’s Eye we go, a little history told on the way to start your snorkelling adventure.


Pope’s Eye

Our first snorkelling destination is Pope’s Eye. With bountiful fish, a vast array of marine life and home to our sea birds the ganett it’s no wonder Pope’s Eye is the best marine park in Victoria. Clear blue water, sunny skies, even the odd pod of dolphins and a resident seal are some of the things that you might encounter whilst visiting this marine park.



Snorkel with the Seals

Chinaman’s Hat

This is a custom built habitat for our big brown eyed playful seals. Here we get to snorkel with the seals in their own environment. Seals are the labradors of the sea. They love attention and enjoy splashing , diving and playing with us. The more attention we give them, the more playful they will be with us. An experience not to miss for all ages.

Trips depart daily, bookings essential.

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